Frequently Answered Questions
  1. What is ScorpBot?

    A free Windows application for streamers who multistream to Beam and Twitch. This bot program has many features including chat relay, ability to link twitch/beam accounts for a shared points system, chat mini-games, quotes, custom commands with functional permissions system, auto-host, and more.

  2. When will it be available?

    It is currently in open beta and fully available to anyone who wishes to use it! It can be downloaded here or from the main page.

  3. What if I only stream to Twitch or Beam and would prefer not to multistream to both?

    ScorpBot may be used as a single stream bot for either Twitch or Beam and does not require both to function!

  4. Is ScorpBot safe?

    ScorpBot is completely safe to use and does not save any personal information. Even authentication with Twitch and Beam uses a secure private method with an oAuth token system and never requires you to enter your password into the bot itself. You may receive an unknown publisher warning from Windows the first time you run the program, however this is simply because the application is not officially signed with a code certificate as they are costly. Some antivirus software (such as Norton) may detect it as suspicious as it should since it is an application from an unfamiliar publisher which connects to the internet. If this happens the only way to use it would be to set ScorpBot.exe as an exception and allow it to run.